We started making kite video's in 2003 with a analog Hi8 camera, in '05 there was a upgrade to a DV 3ccd camera. Video editing, coding and download speeds changed a lot over the years. So if you are looking at a old video with bad quality and dodgy editing it was the best we could do at that time. Youtube started in 2005 but most of our video aren't on youtube (Copyrighted music issues). There for we are still sharing our old video's with sometimes strange codec's and containers. If you are experincing playback problems try the Free VLC player.

In more then the decade we fly kites we have gatherd ton's of photo's, on this page you can find a small collection of the photo's we think are worth sharing.

Some footage of the good old Phantom

Just some freestyling at the beach with the Deepspace

This video was shot over 2 day's one day with lite winds and the other day average wind

The first video of Lars with the Deep space. shot on a campsite in the UK

Recorderd with one camera but record 5 times and edited like it's shot with multi cam's

Recorderd with one camera but record 5 times and edited like it's shot with multi cam's

Old but legendary video, many people where inspired by this video (2004) and dust off there Gemini and start flying it again

For movies with H.264 codec you will need quicktime 7 or higher.

Some old short video's

A video with ton's of comete's with the Gemini 10mb

A video tutorial of the comete, click pause to read the text.   4,7mb

One video of one very long combo with the Gemini   2,4mb

A new way to start the multi lazy; from a wapdoowap!   1,5mb

A video with a lot of rolling up tricks and variations with the Gemini   14mb



Swimming Deep Space

Bristol 2005 DeepSpace Release

Best looking Gem's ever!

Flying with Tim in Newquay





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